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Kelvin De Ruiter Defends SCL World Truck Pull Championships Title

By September 21, 2019October 11th, 2019No Comments

IronMind® | Peter Agostan, SCL photo

The ante is two meters tall and 165 kg bodyweight, no problem for Kelvin de Ruiter as he defended his SCL World Truck Pull Championships title.
The Truck Pull stands out as a big man’s event in a big man’s sport and the SCL World Truck Pull Championships proved that in spades with a podium of guys who easily fit the bill.

2019 SCL Truck Pull Championships
by Marcel Mostert
Strongman Champions League (SCL)

Kelvin De Ruiter from the Netherlands, became the SCL World Truckpull Champion for the second time last weekend in Kiev, Ukraine.
With two victories and one second placer in the three-event competition, he defeated all the other strongest truck pullers from all over the world. An exceptional achievement! After he defeated Brian Shaw, JF Caron and Terry Hollands in the previous edition of the World’s Truckpull Championships, he did it again in Kiev against another strong field.
Sean O’Hagan, 2.13 meter tall and 200 kg bodyweight from Ireland was second and Mika Torro, (2.08 meters tall and 190 kg bodyweight) from Finland was third.

They had to do 3 pulls:

1 x  Only Harness             8 tons/25 m
1 x Hand over hand         15 tons/25 m
1 x Harness and rope      20 tons /25 m

The last truckpull was so heavy that only 3 athletes finished this. Kelvin, Sean and Nick Corgiat from the USA.

All the top 3 athletes are above 2 meters tall and weigh over 165 kg—truly one of the strongest  and biggest trios in the world of strongman, and Kelvin is the strongest truckpuller on earth at the moment. No doubts!

Total results:
  1. Kelvin de Ruiter (Hol) 38 points
  2. Sean O Hagan (Ire) 1 points
  3. Mika Torro (Fin) 27 points
  4. Alex Moonen (Hol) 26 points
  5. Nick Corgiat (USA) 25 points
  6. Oleg Sylka (Ukr) 23 points
  7. Johan Espenkrona 23 points
  8. Marko Remlik (Est) 19 points
  9. Sebastian Kurek (Pol) 17 points
  10. Vladimir Fayra (Ukr) 16 points
  11. Roman Grekov (Ukr) 12 points
  12. Dainis Zageris (Lat) 11 points
  13. Will Baggott (UK) 5 points

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2019 IronMind

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