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The MLO Strongman Champions League is a World Series of 16 competitions around the world, which leads to the World Finals to crown the World Champion. The finals will be done with 10 athletes, who have been qualified through all stages in the year. Each athlete can do a maximum of 10 stages per year, to give all athletes a fair chance to qualify. Only the best 10 athletes, can fight in the finals for the title Strongman World Champion (important rules for all athletes worldwide).

After 15 stages, the top 10 will go into the finals with the following points: 1st place (10 points), 2nd place (9 points), 3rd place (8 points) etc. There is always a possibility of 2 wildcards given in the finals.

The SCL leader will always have the benefit of being consistently good the whole year. He will start as last in the first event in the finals as well. Each athlete can still become the New World Champion.

The Strongman Champions League is the biggest in the world with raw power rules and regulations. We want to show the real, raw strongman, as we believe that real men are born to be strong naturally and to survive in all ways. Therefore, we want to show our audience of millions, through our SCL shows and specific rules, how brutal strong human beings can be. The events below have been developed to show the strength of all our athletes, with maximum efforts and minimum help from outside or technical gear.

At the finals, all the athletes will compete individually and without elimination. MLO Strongman Champions League always will seek for the fairest possible competition with understandable rules, both for public and for the athletes.

Atlas Stones
Heavy round stones increasing in weight are lifted and set on a platform, at several heights possible.
Carry and Drag
An anchor and a chain are carried to the end of a set distance, where they must be attached to each other and then dragged back.
Car Carry
Competitors stand inside a stripped-down automobile and carry it over distance or time.
Conan’s Wheel
A competitor takes hold of a long pole, Walking the distance as far as possible. Only 1 belt, with clip at backside is allowed.
Dead Lift
Lifting weights or vehicles straight off the ground until lock in a standing position. For maximum weight or repetitions. Only 1 belt, and normal straps are allowed. Double eight straps, power suit and sumo style are not allowed.
Duck Walk
An object with a handle is carried, suspended between the legs, over a set course.
Dumbbell Press
Single handed dumbbell must lift from the ground over the shoulder. Only 1 elbow warmer, 1 belt and 1 suit is allowed.
Farmer’s Walk
Competitors carry heavy objects in each hand (or a frame) for a set distance, and compete for the fastest time.
Fingal Fingers
A series of hinged poles (“fingers”) are lifted starting from a horizontal resting position and flipped over to the other side.
Front Hold
Weights are held straight out in front for as long a time as possible.
Hercules Hold
The athlete stands between two hinged pillars, cars or other. The pillars or other are held for the longest possible time.
Husafell Stone
A flat, somewhat triangular rock, or other object, is carried high on the chest for a set distance.
Keg Toss
Competitors must throw kegs, of increasing weight, over a high bar. A variation can be with any object in any shape or kg.
Loading Race
Several heavy objects are loaded onto a truck bed or a similar platform.
Log Lift
A wooden or metal log, pressed overhead, maximum weight or reps. Only 1 elbow warmer at only 1 arm, 1 belt and 1 suit is allowed.
Overhead Press
The heaviest possible load is pressed overhead, or repetitions. Only 1 elbow warmer at only 1 arm, 1 belt and 1 suit is allowed.
Pole Push
One on one pole pushing in a Sumo-style ring in a single-elimination tournament. The pole has handles at either end.
Power Stairs
A series of minimum three implements are lifted, step by step, to the top of a flight of stairs.
Squatting large weights, in all its variations, with a car, or people Knee wraps are allowed in here.
The Pull
Vehicles such as transport trucks, trams, boxcars, buses, or planes are pulled across a set course as fast as possible.
Tug of War
Pulling on a rope against each other, with specific rules at the event.
Super Yoke
Apparatus composed of a crossbar and two uprights. For distance or time,carried on the shoulders. Only 1 belt and 1 suit allowed.
Wheel Flip
A tyre will be flipped over, for reps or maximum weight.
Weight for height
A 25 Kg weight is thrown over the bar, as in an official highland games event.


For all events, there will be a minimum use of wearing gear allowed. Only 1 belt, 1 elbow warmer at only 1 arm, normal straps (no double eight) and normal shoes are allowed. Per October 1st 2016, also the dead lift suit/super suit will be not allowed anymore.  Half suit can be used instead, but the referees always will have the last word in this. Clothing rules will be followed as required by MLO Strongman Champions League and co-organizers. Events and rules can be changed always until the competition day due referee or organizing decisions.

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