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Dainis Zageris First Win In 2019 And 3 New World Records Have Been Broken At The World Record Breakers 2019

By September 7, 2019October 11th, 2019No Comments

Dainis Zageris finally saw a win again. After long injuries and hard work, the Worldchampion 2018 saw finally a victory again. He did very well in the mines of Callio and won 1 point ahead of Aivars Smaukstellis.

Because it was the world record breakers, there were also some records to be broken. And 3 new records came so far:

  1. Aivars Smaukstelis from Latvia did the farmers walk 140 kg over 60 meters with a turn in 29.48 seconds, a new World Record.
  2. Antti Mouruharvi from Finland did the Conan Wheel 320 kg over 65.40 meter and that’s a world record.
  3. Dainis Zageris did a new World Record in Deadlift reps 400 kg / 11 reps , beating Ivan Makarov who did 10 reps.

In overall, over 6 events in a Mine scenery In Callio is the deepest mine of Europe/ 1500 meter deep, whereas the MLO Strongman Champions League also did 1 event.

The Forward Hold, on 1500 dept/ also a kind of new record/ never done before.

Overall results in Callio / Stage 11:

  1. Dainis Zageris / LVA 48,5
  2. Aivars Smaukstelis / LVA 47,5
  3. Antti Mourujärvi / FIN 44
  4. Kelvin De Ruiter / NLD 38
  5. Sebastian Kurek / POL 38
  6. Tyler Cotton / USA 35,5
  7. Ervin Toots / EST 34
  8. Mika Törrö / FIN 33
  9. Will Baggott / GBR 27
  10. Ivan Makarov / GEO 26,5
  11. Sami Ahola / FIN 21

Folow us to the next Stage: SCL UKRAINE, whereas we will do the World Championships Truckpulling with Kelvin de Ruiter as title defender.
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