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Ervin Katona Wins MHP Strongman Champions League Hungary

By August 13, 2013October 19th, 2019No Comments

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Ervin Katona came out of the blocks fast at the MHP Strongman Champions League contest in Hungary last weekend—Katona had his eye on regaining the yellow SCL leader’s shirt, Marcel Mostert told IronMind today.

Mostert said it was a “thrilling battle between Ervin Katona, SCL Leader Krzysztof Radzikowski and Meelis Peil from Estonia and 10 other athletes in a sunny weather of 25 degrees [and] the crowd was fantastically enthusiastic.

By winning the first event, pulling a 14-meter long limo over grass, Ervin Katona showed that he came with a mission: To win the title and to get his yellow leader shirt back.

Only 11 ranking points between him and Krzysztof Radzikowski was the gap so far and Ervin did succeed in his mission: in his original country he won the MHP Strongman Champions League Hungary 2013 and Krzysztof became second overall, losing only 7 points in the ranking to Ervin. So this means that Krzystof can start coming weekend again in the yellow SCL leader shirt in SCL Slovakia, with only 4 points ahead of Ervin.

“Meelis Peil from Estonia became third in this competition,” said Mostert.

Top 10 results 2013 SCL Hungary:
  1. Ervin Katona (Serbia) 67.5
  2. Krzysztof Radzikowski 57.5
  3. Meelis Peil (Estonia) 52.0
  4. Bjorn Solvang (Norway) 49.5
  5. Antti Mourijarvi (Finland) 47.0
  6. Peter Putzer (Slovakia) 42.5
  7. Akos Nagy (Hungary) 40.5
  8. Gerald Gshiel (Austria) 39.0
  9. Didzis Zarins (Latvia) 37.5
  10. Marc van der Haer (South Africa) 32.5

Next stop: SCL Slovakia on September 7.

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

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