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SCL 90/105 World Championships

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SCL director Ilkka Kinnunen pioneered bringing strongman to more competitors first introducing the 105-kg class and the the 90-kg class, too. Here’s the lineup for the 2016 SCL Under 90 kg and Under 105 kg World Championships. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL

“We had the SCL 90kg /105kg World Championships in Kokkola, Finland last weekend,” Ilkka Kinnunen reported to IronMind.

SCL 90/105 World Championships
by Ilkka Kinnunen
SCL Director

A total of 38 athletes from around the world arrived last weekend in Kokkola, Finland to compete in the under 90-kg and under 105-kg MLO SCL World Championships.
The competition started on Friday with 3 qualification events in sunny Kokkola central. Around 2500 people gathered to cheer the athletes in Farmer’s Walk, Front Hold & Sack Loading. From each weight class, the top 12 qualified for the finals.
The finals started Saturday and again even with few clouds, the stands were full and of course it brought extra energy for the athletes also and of course, Kokkola’s own strongman ,<90 kg Pekka Annala who made it to the finals, was the hometown hero.

Top Three by Event

<90 kg Silver Dollar Deadlift (maximum)

1. Aaron Fondry USA, Sami Pätäri Finland, Jake Taylor Australia, Ewan Massie Scotland all equal 350 kg result.

<105 kg Silver Dollar Deadlift (maximum)

1. Kevin Faires USA / Frikkie Page South Africa. both 410 kg

<90 kg Viking Press 120 kg for reps.

1. Pekka Annala Finland

<105 kg Viking Press 140 kg for reps.

1. Mika Nikkonen Finland.

<90 kg Truck Pull: Harness and Rope

1. Pekka Annala Finland

<105 kg Truck Pull: Harness and Rope

1. Ola Nilsson Sweden

<90 kg Cross Carry (maximum)
1. Brian Moller Larsen, Denmark

<105 kg Cross Carry (maximum)
1. Kevin Faires USA

The MLO SCL World Champion in <90 kg is Brian Moller Larsen, Denmark and in <105 kg Kevin Faires USA. The competition was also excellent for the Finns as in both categories second place stayed in Finland. Specials thanks to Kokkola City and Jouni Kivelä who organised the event in Kokkola.

Final Results: Under 105 kg

Kevin Faires / USA 55.0
Paavo Paaso / Finland 44.0
Ola Nilsson / Sweden 39.0
Patryk Przybyla / Poland 37.5
Mika Nikkonen / Finland 36.5
Jordan Donaldson / USA 36.0
Dhanni Moar / Scotland 31.5
Mindaugas Brazauskas / Lithuania 27.5
Frikkie Page / South Africa 23.5
Mikko Lahti / Finland 20.5
Harri Peltomaa / Finland 19.5
Henrik Henningson / Sweden 9.5

Final Results: Under 90 kg

Brian Möller Larssen / Denmark 50.5
Markus Laine / Finland 43.5
Ewan Massie / Scotland 40.5
Viktor Posudevskyu / Urkraine 39.5
Jazek Miernincki / Poland 36.0
Pekka Annala / Finland 32.0
Sami Pätäri / Finland 27.0
Arkadius Bindyk / Poland 25.5
Jake Taylor / Australia 23.5
Aaron Fondry / USA 19.5
Tim Kovach / USA 17.0
Oleksii Maltsev / Ukraine 14.5

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2016 IronMind

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