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It’s gone happen, the SCL ENGLAND on 28 September in Wolverhampton.
Meet and greet your Strongman STARS LIVE at the venue.
Ticket sales start now!

  1. Gavin Bilton/Wales
  2. Kane Francis/ UK
  3. Shane Flowers/ UK
  4. Pavlo Kordiyaka/Ukraine
  5. Rongo Keene/Australia
  6. Evans Nana/Ghana
  7. Aivars Smaukstelis/Latvia
  8. Kelvin de Ruiter/Holland
  9. Oscar Ziolkowski/Poland
  10. Andrea Invernizzi/Italy
  11. Paddy Haynes/UK
  12. Scotland Str Man
  13. SCL Qualifier Edinburgh
  14. SCL Qualifier Caerphilly

Also, a serious World Record attempt will be done by the current World’s Strongest Woman Rebecca Roberts, and ESW Naomi Hadley at the 400 Pound Atlas Stone!
Only a limited 1000 Tickets are available from now, get them ASAP at “EVENTBRITE ENGLAND STRONGMAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2024”.

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