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During his very first appearance in MLO Strongman Champions League, Oleg Sylka showed some exceptionally solid ambitions for his future in the competition. He managed to finish first in a stage, where the final four athletes scored almost identical results and the winners podium was a matter of one or even half point. Sylka took the gold with 43.5 points, the silver was grabbed by Sebastian Kurek from Poland with 43 points and the bronze went home with Will Baggott from England and his 42 points.

Final results 2019 MLO SCL portugal:
  1.  Oleg Sylka (Ukraine) 43.5 pts
  2.  Sebastian Kurek (Poland) 43 pts
  3.  Will Baggott (England) 42 pts
  4.  Johan Espenkrona (Sweden) 42 pts
  5.  Alex Moonen (Netherlands) 39 pts
  6.  Jonathan Cotton (USA) 29.5 pts
  7.  Fabio Silva (Portugal) 28.5 pts
  8.  Cyril Boujuau (France) 24 pts
  9.  Aderito Santos (Portugal) 23 pts
  10.  Sean O’Hagan (Ireland) 20 pts
  11.  Roberto Rodriguez (Spain) 19.5 pts
  12.  Luis Batista (Portugal) 9 pts

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